Centre Massages & Thérapies

Restorative massages and therapeutic treatments

Founded by Martine Michellod more than 20 years ago, the centre has gained a name for itself due to the quality treatments, therapeutic approach and genuine warmth it offers.

The centre welcomes you in a very homely and intimate environment, providing a real haven of peace where you can choose the right treatment to meet your needs.

Our massages and treatments can be tailored to suit you and your needs for an ideal outcome.
The centre is open daily by appointment.
Martine Michellod is passionate about her work and keen to share her knowledge with others, teaching her techniques to the centre’s staff through training seminars and courses.
But you will encounter her as a practitioner, because she is the one who performs the NST at the centre.

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Martine Michellod, founder of Centre Massages & Thérapies

Martine Michellod took her first steps into the care sector when she worked as a veterinary assistant at Clinica Poggetto in Florence from 1977 to 1986.

This is where she gained extensive knowledge of the body and its pathologies through countless hours of treatment and surgery.

In 1995, she graduated in medical massage and numerous other touch techniques from the Hawaiian School of Body Therapies in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Back in Verbier, she founded Centre Massage & Thérapies, which is a real gem for all those who truly recognise quality and sharing.
Then came the moment she discovered NST, the tool of choice for a more global approach to healing.

She was in Geneva in 2003 for the start
of a long series of valuable seminars. Martine is known for the intuitive and holistic approach she takes to the various therapeutic disciplines and her understanding of the complexity of human behaviour.Not only does she heal the physical body; she also understands how to use her clairvoyant abilities to access a
more holistic form of healing. Martine gets a great deal of pleasure out of generously sharing and teaching the extensive knowledge she has gained over the years through education and life experiences.