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House massage

Yes, the house massage earns its name from the fact that it was created by Martine Michellod, who has for over 20 years been teaching it to all the masseuses who have worked at the centre.

This real gem among the services on offer is particularly popular among our loyal and satisfied clientele. The house massage is defined by a rich palette of movements drawn on from various techniques such as Swedish massage, Hawaiian lomi lomi massage or high-precision medical massage. Its deep and restorative strokes help release hidden tensions, and its particular rhythm creates a soothing overall sense of relaxation.

Back – neck – shoulders

This is a more therapeutic version of the house massage, focusing on the upper part of the body, which is more prone to tension and stress.

Therapeutic tools such as deep tissue massage or trigger point elimination make it an excellent restorative treatment.

Pregnancy massage

This massage is what all pregnant women dream of. It is performed on a specific anatomical bed, allowing mums-to-be to lie on their belly, the ideal position for improved tension relief in the lumbar region.

Right up to the final month of her pregnancy, mum will be able to enjoy the wonderful experience of an abdominal massage (much to baby’s delight) by candlelight while listening to soft, relaxing music.

Lymphatic drainage

The drainage that Martine offers originates from her education in America and differs from other methods in that it makes extensive use of vegetable and essential oils, greatly intensifying its draining and purifying action.

The body is treated as a whole and the continuity of rhythmic, undulating movements opens the door to most exquisite relaxation.


The healing benefits of essential oils are now fully recognised and, for us, these precious oils form an integral part of the philosophy behind our healing approach.

They can be applied externally to the skin or internally, depending on individual needs.

NST – neurostructural integration technique

NST enables musculoskeletal realignment of the fasciae and subtle energies of the human body.

With no contraindications, NST is recommended for people of all ages, from infants to the elderly. The treatment is carried out in sequences, using precise movements on the muscles, tendons and ligaments, leaving a rest period so that the body can assimilate the information received.

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We offer a range of massages to help with your body alignment and to keep it supple and toned.

Our massages last one hour. Alternatively, we can offer you a custom treatment, so please contact us to tell us what you need and make an appointment.

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Our proposals

  • the house massage


    a well-known and much appreciated massage whose intensity you can choose

  • Back neck shoulders intensive


    a specific therapeutic treatment

  • Legs intensive


    DIAVEIN treatment for venous stimulation and massage with essential oils

  • NST - neurostructural integration technique


    powerful therapy that induces structural realignment, overall muscle relaxation and energy balancing

  • Special pregnancy 60 min


    full of love in the comfortable hollow cushion - for any time of the pregnancy

  • Special pregnancy 75 min


  • Lymphatic drainage with essential oils


    a real feminine delight

  • Electrolytic foot bath (1 session)


    powerful detoxifying, 30 min session

  • Photobiostimulation (10 sessions)


    HELIGHT light therapy

  • Anti-cellulite and water retention


    by the synergy of 4 therapies over 1 intensive week or more

  • Travel to your home