a therapeutic cellulite and water retention treatment

A valuable tool in the spring cleansing process

Apart from its aesthetic aspect, cellulite is defined by chronic engorgement of fatty tissue.

It leads to poor blood circulation and cellular metabolism disorders, as well as possible water retention problems. This then constricts the blood and lymphatic vessels, preventing any form of elimination.

Excess toxins and waste in the body can cause chronic fatigue, digestive and mood disorders and the risk of lymphatic blockages.

20 years of experience in ongoing renewal have enabled Martine Michellod to develop a therapeutic approach to these characteristically female problems.

Experience has shown that a combination of different techniques increases its detoxifying potential, and therefore suggests this remarkable shock treatment.

Discover the therapeutic manual treatment.

Therapeutic cellulite and water retention treatment

The treatment lasts seven days or more, based on two hours of treatment per day.

This cycle can be repeated or extended and even customised.

Our participants say that two hours of forced passivity leads to guaranteed relaxation – which is a huge bonus!


Full treatment:CHF 1,550

The therapeutic approach to cellulite

Here is a list of the methods used in this treatment:

Intense manual massage

  • It allows the recognition and localization of adipose cell nests in a controlled and precise manner.

  • It is intensive but respects the integrity and sensitivity of the tissues thus avoiding any form of bruising.

  • In addition: wraps and suction cups, essential tools for the deep infiltration of essential and vegetable oils.

Lymphatic drainage

  • Manual drainage is an essential part of this treatment.

  • After stimulating and softening knots and fat cells through intensive massage, it is essential to help the body get rid of all traces of waste.

  • This drainage stemming from the American school is characterized by a subsequent vegetable and essential oily contribution, determining contribution in the decongestion of the lymphatic system.

  • It also plays a fundamental role in the reduction of excess fluid in the tissues in case of water retention.

  • In addition: use of the suction cup in movement in order to increase the fast penetration of the draining essential oils.

DIAVEIN Venous Stimulation

  • Venous circulation is an integral part of this elimination process.

  • It is supported by DIAVEIN, a powerful venous and lymphatic stimulator that increases blood flow by delivering a single, very low frequency electrical impulse.

  • It tones the smooth muscle fibers of the venous walls (intestines, heart, etc.) and addresses the entire venous tree.


  • This hydrolytic foot bath is a powerful opportunity to get rid of toxins, acidity, yeast or other.

  • Its undeniable efficiency makes it a valuable contributor to the spring elimination process.

  • It will be performed 2 times per week of treatment.