Centre Massages & Thérapies

in Verbier

offers you


its spring cleansing treatment for your internal organs


in a three or five session-block


over one intense week

to give your body a thorough spring clean!

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We offer a range of massages and treatments. The most popular ones are our house massage and the NST.

Our house massage is a very popular restorative massage. It relaxes your muscles, reduces pain and relieves tension, leaving you with a profound sense of wellbeing. We have also created detoxifying and regenerating treatments such as anti-cellulite therapy,
the HELIGHT lamp for photobiomodulation and Diavein, a device designed to improve blood circulation.
Martine Michellod is recognised as an alternative medicine practitioner by two associations: ASCA and RME.

Martine Michellod, the founder of

At Centre Massages & Thérapies, Martine Michellod and her team welcome you into a homely atmosphere.

Each masseuse is personally trained and monitored. Alongside her passion for teaching and treatment, Martine also believes that NST is a powerful tool for body realignment. Additionally, if you are open to alternative medicine, you can also allow her to heal you on a totally different level through her clairvoyant capabilities.

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